Khulani Champions

Rachel Elnaugh, Keith Upton, Paula Louw, headmistress Toksile Nxumalo Principal of the school and one of the teachers and the children who drew the pictures used for the design
Rachel Elnaugh, Keith Upton, Paula Louw, headmistress Toksile Nxumalo, one of the teachers and the children who drew the pictures used for the design
Rachel Elnaugh in the classroom supporting the work the children are doing








There are a number of caring people who have understood the importance of giving the special needs children of the Mduku Community an education while teaching them self respect and dignity. These are our Khulani Champions and include:

  • Elsie Nsukwini and Crazentia Ngobesie who realised the importance of taking the children out of the dark corners of their homes and getting them together even if it was just under a tree.
  • Mrs Toksile Nxumalo Principal of Khulani, whose strong and dynamic character and unwavering care for the children is the reason the school has got so far.
  • The committee of Mduku community members and the local Traditional Council who understood the value of a school for special needs children.
  • The Imbumba Foundation and Richard Mabaso
  • The Department of Education who has continually shown support for the growth of the school.
  • Mrs Gwala from the Department of Special Needs for her hard work and tireless support.
  • The Africa Foundation for material to fix up temporary school as well as the overall support and championing of the project.
  • Sunnet Wessels, an Occupational Therapist, involved from the start who, over the years, has visited the school on a weekly basis, tending to the children, bringing specialist doctors and dentists to help the children and giving parents and teachers OT training.
  • Paula Louw and the owners of Zuka Private Game Reserve for stepping up to the plate and helping to drive this cause, including providing fencing and labour.
  • Nyati Textiles and CEO, Keith Upton, for co-developing on Project Khulani and making all the dog blankets with profit for the school as well as for mattresses bedding; bikes and cushions.
  • Rachel Elnaugh of The Dragon’s Den for coming to South Africa from the UK to visit the school, understand the project and help promote it in the UK.
  • Tim & Yvonne Driman – Running costs; educational art work for walls.
  • Phinda Game – Poles for fence.
  • Anton Madondo – Local contractor.
  • Hluhluwe Municipality – JoJo water tank and water supply.
  • Peit & Lynne Louw – Curtains.
  • Trevor and Margie Coppen – Visitors book & toothbrushes.
  • Karenne Bloomgarden – Toys & Books and uniform.
  • Vic Van Zyl – Signage, learning materials.
  • Nico Johnsen – Kitchen